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TS rules

I really like my life right now, I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that. 

Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone 2014


haters gonna hate. 

Taylor Swift for Keds


I wrote a poem for taylorswift, and I would really like for her to see it!

I want to accept the fact that taylorswift probably won’t see this, but I have to keep trying, right? :)

lonnarama: @taylorswift thank you so much for sharing your album and your home with some of your closest Swifties tonight. Olivia is adorable, Meredith is crazy, your cookies are insanely tasty, your decor is perfection and I can’t wait for your new perfume and album. So so so happy. A #Swifties dream. Bucket list ✔ #taylorswift



"on wednesdays we wear pink"

becky ruling in school before she TRAGICALLY DIED don’t do marijuana kids


Can we talk about Taylor’s grandmother for a second…







Hey guys, so I know a lot of people are trying to get noticed by Taylor so I just wanted to upload all my portraits of taylorswift that I’ve done over the years (variations of graphite, colored pencils, and acrylic paint)
Now 4 of these (all the pencil drawings) are actually in Taylor’s possession (!!!!!!!!) back during the Red Tour I met Scott and he gave them to her but I don’t think she knows that I did them because I never got to meet her.
I just really want her to know that her having the portraits I did of her means the world to me and I’m so glad she like them (as Scott told me she did) and I want her to hopefully see this and see the painting I did! So if all my swiftie friends could help me out please Reblog this and tag her in it! It’s my dream to hear from her that she really did get them and she did like my work :)

taylorswift look at all the talent!!!



me when i accidentally look in the mirror after i wake up